Monday, July 5, 2010

A Much Needed Day in the Kitchen! Plus a fan trick to stay cool!

It was a scorcher today - at least by our cold blooded New England standards. As the mercury hit 90, we arrived at out kitchen ready to go. The trick to not melting like an ice cube in a boiling pot? Something I like to call "Fan Strategery"!
Regardless of the weather, we were ready to make our new Item, Fresh Dill Biscuits .
We are working hard, even on the days were we have no orders to fill. Our idea is that we should use that time to further develop the products we already have, and to create, like today, new ones! It just feels right. The easy thing to do would be to become discouraged with a slow week on the order front. So, what we are trying to do now, is to take those weeks, and look at them as a gift... a chance to take extra time and build and upgrade where we can.
Quickly learning that a positive attitude is almost more important than anything else!

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